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Chinese pronunciation tip 3: Mao Zedong, Cao Xueqin, Z, C

I’ve added another pronunciation tip on Chinese, and you can expect a few more. Then I’ll move on… there are lots of other languages that people wonder about. Expect Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, and lots more. But today, it’s time for Chairman Mao… and a closing quotation that is not from his little red book but may have to do with politics.


Chinese pronunciation tip 2: Q, X, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang

It’s time for another pronunciation tip on the Pinyin Romanization of Mandarin Chinese. Last time I told you about a letter you should say just as it looks. This time I’m telling you about two letters where there’s no question of doing that!

Chinese pronunciation tips part 1: Beijing, Zhongguo, Zhang

I know that Chinese names can be challenging for English speakers to figure out how to say. So I’m going to give you some tips. First up: what sounds j and zh actually stand for.

2018 Winter Olympic venues (pronunciation tip)

The Winter Olympics are coming soon, and with them a bounty of failed attempts at approximating the pronunciation of non-English names. I look forward to hearing broadcasters come up with remarkable renditions, but for those who would like to get as close as reasonably possible to the original, I’m going to do a series of pronunciation tip videos. I’m starting with the names of the venues: Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Kwandong, Jeongseon, Yongpyong, and Bokwang.

Brueghel (pronunciation tip)

Time for another pronunciation tip video! I think I’ll do a goodly number of these in the run up to the Winter Olympics, since there are always plenty of words and names that give people trouble. But today’s is on a New Year’s Eve theme, and it’s an artist – one whose name quite a lot of people have trouble with.

glögg (pronunciation tip)

What’s the next level after glühwein? Take it up to Scandinavia and put it on hyperdrive – the beverage, that is, not the word. The Scandinavian word for the drink – glögg or gløgg – is shorter and should be straightforward enough. Except it involves a sound not typically made by sober Anglophones. Here’s my advice on saying it:

Glühwein (pronunciation tip)

There’s so much to eat and drink at Christmas: fruitcake, eggnog, marzipan, panettone, turkey, cranberry sauce, did I mention eggnog? Most of it is easy to pronounce. But one holiday classic that can be uncertain for some people is glühwein. And the reason it’s troublesome is a bit of a window into phonology… So I made a video about it.