brood [video]

I enjoy watching YouTube videos where people review cameras and similar consumer products. I decided I should do occasional videos where I review words. I asked people on Twitter for some suggestions. The first one came from Ann Marie Gamble, who suggested “‘brooding’ as a mood, not a thing a chicken does.” I decided to trim that down to brood. Here it is:

I’ll probably try a few different approaches to these videos over time. We’ll see which comes off best.

3 responses to “brood [video]

  1. Love all the million books behind you!😀 I wish I owned so many!!!!!
    Also loved the video. I think you should definitely do more of these🙂 Cheers

  2. My coffee is ‘brewed’, and I await…more please! Love the combo of listening to Tennyson and getting a lesson in word origins. And oh, the books…

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