Hello, LA, this is your future talking

My latest article for The Week, “What Americans will sound like in 2050,” has drawn some attention. In particular, it caught the attention of some folks at KPCC, an NPR radio station in southern California. They did a live interview with me this afternoon (this morning their time). They also recorded it and transcribed some of it. It’s 7:23 long, so it won’t eat too too much of your time…

Predicting the future of American English



3 responses to “Hello, LA, this is your future talking

  1. Thou hast written a most worthy article! 🙂

  2. Wonderful! I tune in to KPCC all time out here and for this very program. Alas, I did not catch you live but sure enjoyed (and learned from) hearing it here.

  3. I’ll never accept “sick” as a substitute for “cool!” Anyway, that article was rad. Great read. Can’t wait to see what atrocities make it into the dictionary by 2050 (I’m looking at you “selfie”).

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